Tom Wagner is back !

A false lead. A bitter truth.
This time, it’s all or nothing.

In part 3 of the adventures revolving around the legendary King Arthur, Tom and his team face their most difficult challenge yet. Only now do they discover who their true adversary is.

Hellen’s mother is dying and only a miracle can save her…but for that, the team needs to locate mysterious and long-lost artifacts.

At the same time, their struggle with the terrorist organization Absolute Freedom reaches its climax: what is the group’s true, diabolical plan? Who is pulling the strings behind this worldwide conspiracy?

The Sword of Revelation completes the circle: all questions are answered, all the loose ends woven into a revelation for our heroes — and for all the fans of the Tom Wagner adventures!

As hardcover, paperback and eBook for Kindle
(free for Kindle Unlimited)