Tom Wagner, Hellen de Mey and François Cloutard are back !

A cruel murder. A mythological monster. A terrible choice.

Conspiracy theories and fake news surrounding the strange Medusa cult plunge the world into chaos. At the same time, Eon van Rensburg, billionaire and contractor of Tom, Hellen and Cloutard is suspected of murder. His alleged victim was guarding an ancient secret about the power of Medusa’s serpent head.

From New Mexico to Prague, from Vienna to Corfu, from Paris to Sicily, our heroes have their hands full trying to unravel the mystery of Medusa and prove van Rensburg’s innocence.

What is true about the myth surrounding Medusa’s serpentine head and her deadly gaze?
What role do Perseus, Napoleon and Alexander the Great play?
What terrible decision must Hellen make in the end to avert disaster?

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